The company

Present in the domestic market since 1935 and in the external market since 1986, Mondelli Alimentos is between the main Brazilian companies on the branch. Since its foundation, Mondelli prides itself for offering healthy food, with quality and  distinctive flavor.
Located at Bauru city, Mondelli started its activities when Vangélio Mondelli, an Italian immigrant, began negotiating cattle offals in an informal way. In 1951, he opened a small beef company, which quickly was responsible for Bauru city and nearby cities supply.
In 1978, Mondelli inagurated its new headquarter, at the current location, Mary Dota neighborhood.
With the industrial production progress, in 1986, the products were introduced in to the external market with high quality cuts.
Since February 2012, the company focuses on its structure professionalization and the implementation of a corporate governance model.

Today,  is one of the most traditional companies on  slaughter and  “in natura” beef processing branch in Brazil, Mondelli Alimentos is always investing in new technologies to ensure a quality product, which attends all the consumers expectations.
More than 80 years of innovation, growth and excellence which translates into long lasting partnerships with our clients, suppliers and employees valuing.
Its products can be found in different markets and butcheries all over Brazil.



Productive Process

All Mondelli Alimentos beef productive process is subjected to a strict quality control, according to the established norms for all branch companies and under committed professionals supervision.



Halal Certification

Able to export beef since 1988, Mondelli Aliementos,  enables that its products are present, currently in more than 50 countries of the whole world.  In the Middle East, where there are muslim majority nations, the business expansion  has been possible due to the halal slaughter system.
According to Islam´s precepts, the certification is given to staple foods which follow their manufacturing rules.  In the case of beef, the cattle slaughter should be done separately by a sane muslim, which do it in one bleeding.