Noble Cuts
  • Brisket

    Prepare your stews and boiled recipes with the tasty brisket of Mondelli Alimentos.
  • Cap of Rump

    In a good BBQ, everybody demands for a piece of a tasty cap of rump. With Mondelli Alimentos product, you are not going to be disapointed
  • Cube Roll

    Excellent option for grilling, the cube roll, also worlwide known as ribeye steak is one of the first quality cuts of Mondelli Alimentos.
  • Eye Round

    Mondelli Alimentos Eye Round is a cut that can be softened in order to prepare stews, roasted, cooked, roast beef and all the special recipes that remain in the family tradition.
  • Grill Hump

    Always expected in BBQ, Mondelli Alimentos Hump is going to surprise you by its quality and for its incredible texture.
  • Heart of Rump

    Ideal cut to obtain the baby beef and prepare special recipes, Mondelli Alimentos heart of rump is an extremely delicious beef.
  • Striploin

    Mondelli Alimentos striploin is a noble cut, excellent to prepare BBQ, grilled, roasted or as roast beef, with an unquestionable softness.
  • Tenderloin

    The tenderloin that you and all your family loves, but with Mondelli Alimentos supreme quality. Soft, tasty and juicy, excellent for grilling, steaks and roasted.
  • Thin Skirt

    Good option for roasted and stews, Mondelli Alimentos thin skirt is very tasty and a noble cut.