Early Calf Cuts
  • Cap of Rump

    Prove what is best with Mondelli Alimentos early calf cut cap of rump.
  • Chuck Tender

    Choose Mondelli Alimentos early calf cut chuck tender to prepare minced meat, stews and cooked with much more flavor.
  • Cube Roll

    Also known as noix or entrecote, Mondelli Alimentos cube roll is delicious in its grill form, roasted or BBQ or in recipes that may used boiled meat.
  • Eye Round

    For pan meat, for the weekend chopped , combined with vegetables or stuffed with sausage and any other ingredients, the early calf cut eye round is an excellent option.
  • Hump

    Cooked slowly, in BBQ or grilled, Mondelli Alimentos early calf cut hump is striking and unmistakably delicious.
  • Ribs without bones

    Full of aromas, textures and flavors, the ribs after beeing cooked during a long period, please everyone in BBQ and in recipes which uses boiled meat. Try this product from Mondelli Alimentos.
  • Shoulder Heart

    Delighted yourself in stews, boiled and in minced meat recipes which can be prepared in an unique way with the early calf cut shoulder heart.
  • Striploin

    Try the tasty Mondelli Alimentos striploin from the early calf cuts line in your grills, medallions, steaks and BBQ. Softer, tasty and juicy.