Traditional Cuts
  • Aranha

    This product is a traditional hindquarter cut, whose softness and flavor ensures you good grilled and BBQ.
  • Cap of Rump

    Among the preferred meat for a good BBQ, the traditional hindquarter cut cap of rump from Mondelli Alimentos is delicious skewered, grill or roasted.
  • Cap of Rump Grill

    Make the every day dishes more special with Mondelli Alimentos cap of rump grill. Prepare your preferred garnishes and be surprised by the softness.
  • Chuck Tender

    Delicious cut to do minced meat or cooked, Mondelli Alimentos chuck tender is an excellent option to prepared, cooked, stews and roasted.
  • Cube Roll

    Cook stews and sauteed with the traditional hindquarter cut cube roll of Mondelli Alimentos.
  • Cube Roll

    Prepare your delicious cooked and sauteed recipes with Mondelli Alimentos cube roll.
  • Eye Round

    Prepare roasted, stews and cooked with juiciness and quality guaranteed by Mondelli Alimentos.
  • Golden Coin Muscle

    Removed from the bovine rib, the golden coin muscle is soft and goes well both in the stove and in the grill.
  • Striploin

    Makes your day to day recipes more tasty with the striploin, traditional hindquarter cut from Mondelli Alimentos, an excellent meat for BBQ, cooked, grilled and steaks.
  • Tail of Rump

    Prepare a delicious skewered tail of rump and surprise the whole family with a high quality BBQ.