Wrap steak

7 Mondelli Alimentos rump steaks
7 slices of ham (cut into small rectangles)
14 toothpicks
7 slices of bacon
7 carrots long sticks
50g onion
50g parsley
Salt and garlic to taste
7 potatoes sticks
7 chayotes

Tomato sauce:
50 g chopped onion
50 g bacon cut into small cubes
2 glasses of 300ml each of tomato extract
4 glasses of 300ml each of water, salt and garlic to taste

On a board or flat surface, hit the rump steaks so that the meat is softer and cook quickly. Then,  add a bit of salt over the steak, and chopped garlic. Then, add the sliced bacon, the ham, the carrot, potatoe and the chayote, side by side on top of the meat. Lastly, add the onion and the parsley and wrap the meat. Try to put the meat stuff in one of the ends of the meat steak, in order to be easier when wrapping it. Use about 2 toothpicks in each steak to ensure that the stuff spreads. Then dip the meat into the sauce and cook over high heat during 30 minutes in its own sauce, up to realize the meat is cooked. You can use a fork to verify if the beef is already softened.
Sauce: Fry the garlic, the onion and the bacon cut into pieces in hot oil up to they are cooked. Then, add the tomato extract watered and keep boiling during 20 minutes approximately, up to the sauce thickens.