Jerked beef with mashed cassavas

1kg of Mondelli Alimentos Jerked Beef
8 soup spoons of oil
2 green chopped chilies
2 chopped onions
4 soup spoons of vinegar
2 soup spoons of  coriander
4 soup spoons of chive
1kg of cassavas into pieces
½ cup of tea of milk
1 egg yolk
1 soup spoon of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
100g grated curd cheese

1 – Put the meat into the pressure cooker. Cover with cold water, close and cook approximately for 30 minutes.
2 – Let it cool, open the cooker and take out the meat. Cut into ribbons removing the fat.
3 – Heat the oil and brown the meat.
4 – Add the chilies and the onion. Drizzle with vinegar and mix well.
5 – Season with salt, coriander and chive. Mix.
6 – Prepare the mashed cassavas: cook the cassavas until they are soft. Drain and pass through the juicer.
7 – Add the milk, the egg yolk and the butter. Cook.
8 – Season with salt and pepper.
9 – Cook until mashed. Sprinkle with the curd cheese and serve with the meat.

Additional Information
Preparation: more than 45 minutes / Yield: 5 servings
Calories: 720 per serving