Tenderloin with Malbec sauce

Base for the demi glacé sauce
1,5kg Mondelli Alimentos tenderloin cut into strips
100g of carrots
100g of onions
100g of leek
100g of celery
20g of garlic
100g tomato extract
100g wheat flour
2g of black pepper in grains
Bay leaves
15g of fresh rosemary
15g of fresh thyme
15 g of fresh parsley
5 liters of water
750ml of red wine
20g of salt

Bake the meat in a serving dish, in high temperature, until the meat is brown. In a big pan, brown the onion, the carrot, the leek, the celery and the garlic. Add the meat and brown for a bit more time. Without stopping mixing, add the tomato extract and the wheat flour. Finally, deglaze with the red wine. Let it reduce a little, only after add the water, the herbs, pepper and salt. Let cook a lot (approximately 4 hours) to reduce and clarify the taste. Strain and reserve the liquid.

Malbec wine Sauce
2,5 liters of the demi glacé base
1 liter of malbec wine
100g of onion
100 g of carrots
75g of tomato extract
25g of sugar
5g of salt
2g of black pepper in grains
15g of fresh thyme

Brown the onion, the carrots, the tomato extract and the sugar. Add the red wine and let it reduce a little. Add the demi glacé base, the fresh thyme, salt, pepper and let it boil.  When boil, reduce the fire and let it reduce to be in a slightly thicker consistency. Taste the salt and pepper at your preference. Finally, string the sauce.

For the tenderloin
250g of Mondelli Alimentos tenderloin (per person)
Thick salt and extra virgin olive oil

Season the meat with the thick salt and put it into a pre-heated frying pan wih olive oil. Let grilling of both sides until they are at the desire point. Add the wine sauce and serve with accompaniment of your preference.