Red meat fondue

500g Mondelli Alimentos tenderloin in cubes
2 ready seasonings sachets for meat
1 garlic clove
Enough oil to fry

Ham Sauce:
200g of processed baked ham
1 glass of cream cheese
1 cup of tea of mayonnaise
4 soup spoons of cream milk
1 soup spoon of english sauce
1 ready seasoning sachet for meat
Salt and pepper to taste

Tartar Sauce:
1 cup of tea of mayonnaise
½ cup of tea of pickled cucumbers cut into small pieces
1 soup spoon of chopped green olives
1 soup spoon of chopped parsley
1 soup spoon of creamy mustard
1 tea spoon of chopped onion
1 ready seasoning for meat
Salt and pepper to taste

Herb Sauce:
1 soup spoon of parsley
1 soup spoon of oregano
1 soup spoon of basil
1 cup of tea of extra virgin olive oil
Pepper to taste

Season the meat with one ready seasoning sachet for meat. For the ham sauce, mix the ham, the cream cheese, the mayonnaise, the milk cream, the english sauce, the ready seasoning sachet for meat, salt, pepper, until it becomes a pasty.
In another bowl, make the tartar sauce, mixing the mayonnaise, the cucumber, the olives, the parsley, the mustard and the onion. Add the ready seasoning, salt and pepper. For the herbs sauce, beat all the ingredients in the processor and reserve. Serve the sauces in different dishes. With the skewer, fry the meat and pass in the sauce of your preference.

Tips: the tenderloin is the indicated beef, but rump is also a good option, soft and cheap. Cut the cubes in a thick way.